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Year 2012 has been a year of twists and turns. I left my better-paying job to look for a much greener pasture. As fate would have it, a friend introduced me and another friend to the travel industry. In March, Etchel and I started our very own travel agency. I realized that running a business is never easy. There are lots of ropes to thread, tricks to learn. The business is almost 1 year old and if I would have to believe my gut, I sense a better 2013 for Match Travels and Tours.

Being jobless is a bitter pill to swallow especially for someone who had always been independently liquid but it taught me to appreciate things that money could never buy. It taught me to value money even more and to be grateful to people who are there unconditionally helping me pay my long standing bills (that’s you, mommy).

I thank God for opening new doors of opportunity for me. In November, I was back to PUP San Pedro to teach once again and at the same time, my friends Ricci, Aine and I have started a new business venture in photography. We opened an at-home photography services catering to newborn and kids. The business has so much promise and we so looking forward to making it big on this particular segment.

I thank God for plucking out people who have caused me so much hardship and pain in my life, they are now life lessons that built my character (though at times I fail). If I’ve lost friends in 2012, God brought me to people who have helped me realized my worth. I thank our clients who have patronized our services and to those who have never get tired of making inquiries. Special thanks to Richard who enlightened me on handling my finances. I am fortunate to crossed paths with The Feast family. They have brought so much hope in my life. My faith in God has been strengthened even more.

Didn’t I mention that I’ve gone to dating again? Apparently, my cousin is pairing me someone whom he thought would match my activities, that is, my church activities. After a week or two of sending SMS to each other, we finally met. Physically, he’s okay. He’s also a good conversationalist but I guess what didn’t hit it off is the very the first thing that we both have in common, our church service. He is a devout Opus Dei Catholic while I’m just a practicing Catholic. Another thing is, maybe while I have a considerable amount of life experiences, it seemed to me that he is still too idealistic. And so after that movie date over the Hobbit and a couple of SMS exchanges, the prospect of love life in 2013 has gone pfft. Oh well, next please…

It’s almost 6 am of January 1, 2013. In a few more days, I am back to my daily grind. I am so positively looking forward for this year. I promise myself to become victorious from my losses in 2012. As my favorite Catholic lay preacher would say it, my past does not define my future. And on this day forward, I bid goodbye to the ghosts of 2012 and start living my life as a champion believing that I will be number one in all aspects of my life with God’s guidance and the support of the people around me.

Cheers to the New Year and wishing you a blessed and prosperous 2013!



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Cheers to the New Year!
May you have a blessed and prosperous 2013!

The Nativity

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The Nativity, originally uploaded by margeeness.

This day I give thanks to You, Father, for the gift of Your son, Jesus, to me. May my life be a gift to Him in exchange for His love to me. Amen.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

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Here’s my entry for this week’s photo challenge. This is my interpretation of geometry: parallel lines. This was taken during our All Saints Procession and I chanced upon an airplane flying across the sky.

Saint Rita of Cascia

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Saint Rita of Cascia, originally uploaded by margeeness.

St. Rita of Cascia

Feastday: May 22
Died: 1457

Augustiniannun, also called Margarita. She was born in Roccaporena, near Spoleto, Italy, in 1381, and expressed from an early age the desire to become a nun. Her elderly parents insisted that she be married at the age of twelve to a man described in accounts of her life as cruel and harsh. She spent eighteen extremely unhappy years, had two sons, and was finally widowed when her husband was killed in a brawl. Both sons also died, and Rita, still anxious to become a nun, tried unsuccessfully to enter the Augustinians in their convent at Cascia. She was refused because she was a widow and because of the requirement that all sisters should be virgins. Finally, in 1413, the order gave her entry, and she earned fame for her austerity, devotion to prayer, and charity.

In the midst of chronic illnesses, she received visions and wounds on her forehead which resembled the crown of thorns. She died on May 22 at Cascia, and many miracles were reported instantly. Canonized in 1900, she is honored in Spain as La Santa de los Impossibles and elsewhere as a patron saint of hopeless causes.


source: http://www.catholic.org/

Undas Foodtrip

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Undas Foodtrip, originally uploaded by margeeness.

Today, Mom made a banana ala mode as our afternoon snack as the Philippines celebrates a 4-day holiday to honor our dearly departed loved ones. Since my relatives who have gone to heaven are laid to rest in our province, I just offer mass intentions and light candles in their remembrance.


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Fireworks!, originally uploaded by margeeness.

they make me cry…

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