Happy Birthday, Ryan Lochte!

Happy birthday to the newest golden boy of swimming, Mr. Ryan Lochte!

Thanks to the 2012 Summer Olympics and I got to know other world-class swimmers like Ryan aside from the most be-medalled Olympian of all-time Michael Phelps. He definitely rocked the Aquatic Center, not just with his powerful glides and flutter-kicks but also with his youthful misdemeanor. I’m sure he’s having a wonderful birthday with his Olympic gold medals and he being the “it” guy of the hour. Just in case, this birthday tribute reaches him, I wish him a happy birthday and may he continue to be great in what he does best – swimming!

My day is happier in the water!

On that note, watching the Olympic swimmers, especially Lochte, Phelps, and Rebecca Adlington inspire me to go back to swimming. I sound like I’ve been swimming in my lifetime but honestly, I’ve had my formal training just about a year ago because of wanting to lose weight. I already tried all kinds of diet and spent thousands on gym memberships but nothing worked until I tried swimming. Hats off to my coach, Coach William for all the patience and the tricks he taught me. Unfortunately, it has been 6 months since I had my last dip. Business trips and out-of-town vacations got in the way with my fitness regimen, that is, swimming. But with my renewed interest to it, thanks to the Lochtenator and his pack, I promise myself that I will be back in the water the soonest (hopefully, by the end of the month). I so miss the water and my chlorinated tan.

*Ryan Lochte photo credits to different internet sites c/o Google Images