Trickles of Rain, originally uploaded by margeeness.

It’s typhoon season once again here in the Philippines. And for two weeks now, we have been experiencing episodes of heavy rains and gusty winds bringing floods and landslides in some parts of the country. I don’t like it when it rains. I feel gloomy. When it rains, I feel like singing Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song.

But then, when it rains, I get to wear my rain boots and make a splash in the rain. The weather is cool and breezy which gives me more time to snuggle up my pillow and stay longer in bed. When it rains, the land gets damp. The colors of the plants are more vivid than ever. And days after the rain, flowers are in bloom; trees grow higher.

In life, we cannot avoid rain so instead of sulking about it, we have to learn how to dance in it. The trickles of rain in our life bring us opportunities to see things in a different perspective. Rain brings out the best in us. The sunshine in our life is brought about by the rain we went through. We cannot withstand the heat of the sun without getting wet in the rain. So yes, rain means growth.

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