As I have been sharing on my previous posts, we have been experiencing non-stop rain here in the Philippines. And today is the worst. As of 2am today, the monsoon has caused floods all over the Metro Manila particularly those in Malabon and Marikina leaving us with this –

This is the Tumana River which has reached the bridge that connects Marikina and Quezon City.

Today’s rain brought back nightmares of the Typhoon Ondoy in 2009 as these are the same areas where Ondoy happened. There have been a round-the-clock rescue operations to save stranded Pinoys from the roofs of their houses. Twitter and Facebook have become a necessary means to reach out for help, disseminate information, and send message of encouragement, prayers, and thanksgiving.  I honor Divine M. Lee (@DivinemLee), one of the whos-who in our country, for putting up a “call center” in her house to call out those victims who need to be rescued (through tweets from her followers).

Divine M. Lee mobilized her throngs of followers in Twitter to help in the rescue operations of the flooded Metro Manila.

I believe that unlike with Ondoy where we were caught unaware, the local government has been doing pre-cautionary measures, saving as many people as possible before the flood water goes up. I am just appalled to some Pinoys who do not take heed to the call of the officials to evacuate before the flood gets worse. I would like to thank the different media outlets who haven’t slept a bit since last night to keep us updated of the movement of torrential rains and the on-going help and rescue operations. A tap-on-the-back to our military personnel and volunteers for putting service before themselves. And high five to the Philippine Social Media for uniting the Filipinos to help and serve their fellows the best way they can.

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Right now, all we could ask for is to help us pray for rain to subside and for Mr. Sun to finally come out. It has been 12 days since the sun shone. If you are in Twitter, you can use the hashtag #PrayForThePhilippines, or if you have the means, you can send donations thru Philippine Red Cross ( your help however small would make a big difference to the victims. Thank you in advance.