Tuyo Pasta

Today, I cooked another variant of pasta which I served to my friends, Eric and Arwil. They came over the house to fix my desktop PC and my laptop. With this pasta dish, I used tuyo flakes, a variety of dried fish sold in the Philippines, instead of the usual tuna flakes. I learned about this dish in a Youtube show sponsored by Nestle Club. It is so easy to prepare and cook. You just need to saute all the ingredients together, pour over your preferred cream (I used Cream of Mushroom), and then wait till all flavors have blended together. I suggest that you put a lot of garlic to balance the aroma and not be overpowered by the tuyo. I also made garlic and chili flakes as toppings aside from the grated cheese. If you want to try this pasta dish, here are the ingredients:

Tuyo con Mushroom Pasta

2 cloves of garlic, minced

3 onions, minced

8 pcs of dried fish, fried and flaked

1 small can of button mushrooms, sliced

1 medium can of cream of mushroom

500 grams spaghetti noodles, cooked as per instruction

grated cheese