Stop Cyber Martial Law

Today, the Filipino netizens are up in arms  again to protest against a new law against cyber crime. RA No. 10175 or the anti-cyber crime law which prohibits a group or individual to commit crime via the internet, including libel is set to be enacted today by the Supreme Court and will immediately take effect tomorrow, October 3, 2012. This law irks us because it will curtail our freedom of speech which is against the Philippine Constitution. For you to better understand what the law is all about, here’s an article from, in summary it tells us 10 things (lifted again from –

1. It only wants to hear nice things .

2. It champions the dead by asking the living to shut up.

3. It’s so “special” that it hurts.

4. It’s a time traveler.

5. It’s outdated.

6. It won’t like you liking what it doesn’t like.

7. It’s prudish.

8. It shits on wit.

9. It won’t play fair.

10. It’s got killer penalties.

Never again, we will be fooled by this. And those senators who voted for this law, we will make sure you will never make it on your next term.