Hi! I am Marj. I used to be a corporate slave in a telco giant churning out marketing campaigns and strategies to keep the consumers loyal. But now, I am a start-up entrepreneur slowly building an empire in the competitive and fierce world of travel and tours and at the same time creating my own space in the virtual world.

I love coffee. I sing with a chorus every Sunday. I have diverse sets of friends. I adore Paulo Coelho and his books. I love travelling and eating. I love photography. I shoot for our parish’s special events and occasionally, shoot for a fee. I have started baking and done a couple of DIY projects which are a result of my decision to work from home.

To quote my favorite Paulo Coelho, “on your journey to your dream, be ready to face oasis and deserts. In both cases, don’t stop”. This blog is a personal journey as I embark into a new life away from never-ending meetings, office politics, stressful commute, and less work-life balance. This blog showcases random photos from life’s simple pleasures and dreams realized.


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