Undas Foodtrip

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Undas Foodtrip, originally uploaded by margeeness.

Today, Mom made a banana ala mode as our afternoon snack as the Philippines celebrates a 4-day holiday to honor our dearly departed loved ones. Since my relatives who have gone to heaven are laid to rest in our province, I just offer mass intentions and light candles in their remembrance.


I’ll Have Pizza On My Birthday!

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Thank You, Yellow Cab!

Today, I received an advance treat for my birthday. Yellow Cab, a pizza chain here in the Philippines sent me a birthday e-greeting card. It comes with a free 10-inch pizza which I can claim on my birthday month. The catch though is that I have to spend a minimum of P750 worth of their goodies but for me that’s okay, maybe,  I’ll bring my friends there as my birthday treat to them. I am excited on my birthday because this year there are no fancy plans yet. I usually travel but given my financial situation right now, just having my family and friends around is enough for me to be thankful for another year. Maybe, on my next post I shall share with you my 33 lessons, wishes, and plans to celebrate my 33 years of awesome existence.

Tuyo Con Mushroom Pasta


Tuyo Pasta

Today, I cooked another variant of pasta which I served to my friends, Eric and Arwil. They came over the house to fix my desktop PC and my laptop. With this pasta dish, I used tuyo flakes, a variety of dried fish sold in the Philippines, instead of the usual tuna flakes. I learned about this dish in a Youtube show sponsored by Nestle Club. It is so easy to prepare and cook. You just need to saute all the ingredients together, pour over your preferred cream (I used Cream of Mushroom), and then wait till all flavors have blended together. I suggest that you put a lot of garlic to balance the aroma and not be overpowered by the tuyo. I also made garlic and chili flakes as toppings aside from the grated cheese. If you want to try this pasta dish, here are the ingredients:

Tuyo con Mushroom Pasta

2 cloves of garlic, minced

3 onions, minced

8 pcs of dried fish, fried and flaked

1 small can of button mushrooms, sliced

1 medium can of cream of mushroom

500 grams spaghetti noodles, cooked as per instruction

grated cheese

I want it fried!

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I’m a sucker for asian food. I love stir-fried noodles, siopao (white-dough with meat filling), and siomai (steamed meat filling). Whenever possible I eat the siomai fried and with fried rice. I first learned this method when I was still working in as a restaurant manager in Chowking, one of the many Chinese quick-serve restaurants in the Philippines. Mom bought the pictured siomai above as an afternoon snack but I opted to eat them as my dinner not with a rice but with a cup of sauteed monggo.

Saturday Concoction

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Here goes the finished product of my previous post. The coffee turned out to be too bitter but you can just add sugar for your desired sweetness. It shall give you though enough kick to perk your sleepy mid-afternoon break.

Then, mom cooked “palitaw”. Palitaw is a boiled glutinous rice then smothered with fresh coconut, sugar, and sesame seeds. Palitaw is a childhood fave snack that is truly Filipino.


Something’s Brewing

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I’m trying a coffee concoction I found in Pinterest. It has cinnamon, milk, and cream 🙂

No Mr. Friedman, there’s such a thing as free lunch

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Banapple Treats, originally uploaded by margeeness.

Yesterday, my friend, Eric treated me to a hearty lunch of hickory ribs and Hungarian sausage. We were supposed to try Cravings’ unli cake and coffee in Festival Mall but unfortunately it was not available yesterday. And being foodies that we are, Eric and I went to ATC (another nearby mall) to try out Banapple. A small restaurant that offers all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner plus delicious pastries including the jeepers creepers (the cake with mocha icing) and a snickers cheesecake. We were not able to finish a slice not because it’s not good but we just just so full to finish everything. Going home, we bought an empanada as big as a plate for only P75.00.

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