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Fireworks!, originally uploaded by margeeness.

they make me cry…


Pilgrim Walk

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Pilgrim Walk, originally uploaded by margeeness.

I never imagined I could walk continuously for 2 hours. I was worried about my left knee which has been aching for weeks already. But God is so good. He carried me together with the hundreds of youth walking in His name. The sacrifice is all worth it. We were blessed by the Pope himself during the live streaming of the World Youth Day celebration in Madrid, Spain.

Swim! Swim! Swim!

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P1010105, originally uploaded by margeeness.

This is me doing a lap during my swimming class. In my quest to lose the pounds, I enrolled myself to a swimming class in a nearby clubhouse. I’m done with 3 sessions already and I must say that I can already cross to the deeper part of the pool by gliding, flutter kicking, full arms, and correct breathing.

Pole Dance!

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Pole Dance!, originally uploaded by margeeness.

I know it is hard but I never thought it was harder.

Yesterday, I tried pole dancing with my colleagues after our work. We were all giggly with the thought of swirling and twisting our body around the pole. When I started doing the routines, it was there that I gave up.

I would definitely try it again but I realized that I need to lose a significant amount of weight to carry on all the leg grip, twisting, and hanging my body at the middle of the pole.

Check out my colleague’s blog for a couple of videos from our trial class.


Sunrise in SCTEX

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Sunrise in SCTEX, originally uploaded by margeeness.

Taken dawn of Friday July 22. I was on my way to Baguio together with my colleagues for a weekend event.

Table for two

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DSC_2532-2, originally uploaded by margeeness.

This was taken 2 weekends ago in Oh My Gulay in Baguio City.


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Strawberries!, originally uploaded by margeeness.

I love strawberries! But since my skin asthma is attacking again, I have to avoid eating them because they produce allergens that cause skin rashes.

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